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Martin EyeCare

Edina's most advanced medical primary eye care facility


Martin Eyecare

Martin Eyecare was founded in 1997 with a commitment to providing the highest quality comprehensive eye evaluations possible, as well as convenient hours and patient-friendly service. We use state of the art instrumentation to determine the most precise glasses and contact lens prescriptions.
Martin Eyecare

As one of Minnesota’s largest contact lens centers our doctor is experienced in the fitting and care of the widest range of contact lens materials and designs. Most patients leave with their new trial contacts, even toric and multifocal lens wearers.
Martin Eyecare

Our doctor is trained and highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of medical ocular conditions such as glaucoma, cataract evaluation, conjunctivitis (pink-eye) and many others. He also performs pre and post-operative care for refractive surgeries, such as LASIK and cataract removal.

Our Doctor

Dr. Joseph Martin

Dr. Joseph Martin has been in practice since 1987. Raised in Southern Minnesota, he completed his bachelor’s degree at Gustavus Adolphus College in 1980. After three years as a member of a surgical team at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Martin entered graduate training in Chicago at the Illinois College of Optometry. Upon completing an internship at Great Lakes Naval Hospital in Illinois he joined a private practice in Lakeville, Minnesota. Dr Martin has subsequently practiced as a staff Optometrist with a regional HMO before founding Martin Eyecare in 1997. Areas of expertise include primary eye care, glaucoma, corneal pathology, and specialty contact lens evaluation and fittings. Dr. Martin is a lecturer, a consultant for a global medical optical manufacturer, and recipient of the Lions Club Helen Keller Award. He gives his time providing free eye examinations for underprivileged patients throughout the year. He has participated in multiple international clinics in Mexico, Honduras, and Panama.
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Our Frames

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Services Offered


We accept many vision service plans and most major medical providors.  These are a few we accept, please call if you would like to check if we accept yours. We accept all major credit cards as well.

Vision Plans

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Medical Plans

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Martin Eyecare Provides:

  • Eye exams
  • Contact lenses
  • Eyeglasses
  • Sunglasses

Free lifetime cleaning and adjustments 

We ensure that you will enjoy your glasses for the life of the prescription.   Our optician will maintain your eyeware's comfort and fit.  Just stop by for this complimentary service.

Doctors of Optometry 

Our location has a Doctor of Optometry on the premises, ready to examine your eyes with state-of-the-art technology and provide quality eye care. Our staff stands ready to help you make the choices that make you look your best--from tinted contacts that enhance your eye color to frames that complement your facial shape and skin type. 



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Our equipment shown in the photo are as follows from left to right:
GDX: The GDX is a scanning laser polarimeter that uses polarized light to assess the retinal fiber layer and thickness. This helps in early detection of glaucoma.
NCT: The Non Contact Tonometer measures fluid pressure inside the eye by directing a gentle puff of air into it. This helps the Dr. detect glaucoma a disease that can have no obvious syptoms until it's very advanced.
Auto-Refractor: The Auto Refractor measures the approximate amount of necessary vision correction needed. This helps the Dr. write a more accurate prescription.
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Retinal Camera: The Retinal Camera takes photos of blood vessels, the Optic Nerve and Retina. This helps the Dr. Monitor any small changes that can indicate diseses such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Glaucoma



Clear vision begins with healthy eyes. In addition to an accurate, thorough assessment of your vision, your eye care will be tailored to your individual needs and may include:

BINOCULAR VISION EVALUATION: To detect problems with coordination between the two eyes

VISUAL FIELD EXAM: A computerized evaluation of peripheral vision

REFRACTION: Accurate determination of eyeglass prescription

GLAUCOMA SCREENING: Evaluation of eye pressure and assessment of optic nerve

PACHYMETRY: Digital ultrasound that aids in detection of glaucoma, or to measure corneal thickness for patients considering laser eye surgery

DIGITAL RETINAL IMAGING: High-resolution, digital photograph of the back of the eye

DILATION: Allows for detection of retinal disease, including retinal detachment

COLOR VISION EVALUATION: To detect inherited or acquired color vision defects

REFRACTIVE SURGERY CONSULTATION: To determine candidacy for laser vision correction

You’ll receive a thorough explanation of your eye and vision conditions and of recommendations to maintain healthy eyes, and of your treatment options, when indicated.

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Contact Us

Martin Eyecare

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